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Passport photo booth near me


Apply Online

  • Start by searching for a passport photo near me and download the best passport photo app – “Passport Photo Code UK” on the apple app store & play store and apply for your new passport photos without having to leave the house.
  • It’s as simple as uploading your photo and paying the fees and there is even the option to obtain physical prints if you’d like them.
  • You will be sent a unique code within 24 hours and this can be used to apply for your new passport online and very easy.

How to Take a Good Photo?

If you’re looking to apply for new passport photos with as much ease as possible, then get online and search for a “passport photo near me” and choose “Passport Photo Code UK”.

  • Size : 45×35 mm
  • Size : 50 KB-10 MB
  • Online submission : Yes
  • Background color : White or off-white
  • Printable? : Yes
  • Home delivery? : Yes

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidelines for Using the App:

However, it must still be compliant with HMPO guidelines, but this should be very easy to do.

  • Download the “Passport Photo Code UK” application from your play store or the App Store.
  • Click Take picture with a good smile and use the off or light color background.
  • Make sure you are in a well-lit area to get a clear picture.
  • Your eyes must be open, and you should make sure to look directly at the camera with a neutral expression.
  • Selfie cannot be accepted so it would be helpful to have someone else around to take the photo for you if possible.
  • Upload the clicked image to the app.
  • Take the photo and review the result.

The easiest way to achieve this at home is to take your photo standing in front of a wall.

Delivery Details:

  1. Digital Photo (£4.99)
  2. 4 Printed Photos (£4.99)
  3. Photo Code + Printed Photos (£9.98)

Delivery Option:

  1. Standard Delivery (£3.00)
    1. Next day delivery.
    2. Order must be placed before 12 PM.
  2. Special Delivery (£9.50)
    1. Next day delivery.
  3.     Order must be placed before 12 PM.


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