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Check Your Passport For International Travel

The light is finally starting to show at the end of the tunnel, so it looks like international travel will be back in order soon! plz check your passport international travel. Here are some basics you may have completely forgotten to consider before heading to the airport. At that point, most of us have even considered jumping on a plane and going somewhere warm – and after not doing it for so long, you forget the simple things. Plus, a lot has changed since 2019.

Is your passport in date? 

This one gets us in trouble at the best of times but with such a long time since anyone has looked at their passport, now is a good time to check! You should have at least 6 months left on your passport for most destinations, even longer for some places. If you don’t fancy heading out to look for an overpriced passport photo booth, then Passport Photo Code UK can help! Simply take a picture on your phone, upload your digital passport photo to the app and use the code they generate to apply for a new passport online. You won’t have to leave the house.

  • Airport friendly hand gels

Whilst hand gel has become a very normal part of everyone’s life, remember that airports only let you take 100ml liquids in your hand luggage. Make sure to either pick up a small handbag-sized one or invest in some mini travel bottles to decant your big home hand gels into before heading to catch your flight.

  • Finding the right mask 

Nobody enjoys wearing a mask but it’s something you’ll have to do for a little longer than usual when boarding your next flight. Be sure to have a hunt around for one that you find comfortable to make your flight experience as enjoyable as possible.

  • Consider leaving extra early 

It has always been important to leave enough time to get to the airport and to get through security but consider you may need to leave even earlier now due to all the Covid travel restrictions. People will need to be distanced within the airport which could mean that things take even longer than before plus lots of airline workers are still furloughed so expect longer wait times for check-in and security.

  • Have your proof of vaccine ready

It’d be a smart idea to make sure you have the NHS app already downloaded and populated with your details to cut out any extra stress at check-in. Take a screenshot of your QR code prior to leaving to make sure you’re ready even if you haven’t got a connection at the airport.

  • Make some reservations in advance

It’s very likely that most places will be operating at a reduced capacity so if there are places that you know you 100% want to visit, make some reservations as early as possible to avoid disappointment. And remember to enjoy yourself! It’s been a long time for all of us and after everything that has happened, going on holiday again is going to be even more exciting than ever before!

Why is checking your passport important?

Your passport grants you access to foreign countries and serves as proof of your identity and citizenship. Without it, traveling internationally is challenging. By checking your passport well in advance of your departure, you can avoid unnecessary stress and ensure a hassle-free journey.

  • Availability of blank visa pages

Another crucial aspect to check in your passport is the availability of blank visa pages. Many countries require a visa for entry, and these visas typically necessitate a dedicated page in your passport for stamping. Insufficient blank pages may lead to denial of entry or lengthy and stressful procedures at immigration checkpoints. To avoid such issues, verify that your passport has at least two or three blank visa pages.

  • Name and personal details

Always double-check your name and personal details in your passport. Ensure that your name is spelled correctly, matches your identification documents, and remains consistent across all your travel papers. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies can lead to complications during your journey. If you identify any errors, contact your passport office to rectify the issue before your trip.

  • Understanding travel visa requirements

Different countries have varying visa requirements for entry, and comprehending these requirements well in advance is crucial. Some countries offer visa-free entry to certain nationalities, while others demand visas that must be obtained before travel. Verify the visa requirements for your destination country and apply accordingly. It is advisable to initiate the visa application process well ahead of your travel date to avoid any last-minute issues.

  • Importance of passport photos

Passport photos significantly affect the validity of your passport. Ensure that your passport photo adheres to the specific guidelines set by your country. Generally, passport photos must be recent, with a plain background, no accessories, and specific size dimensions.


By ensuring its validity, sufficient blank visa pages, absence of damage, accuracy of personal details, and compliance with visa requirements, you can enjoy a stress-free journey. Remember to plan ahead, allowing sufficient time to renew or replace your passport if necessary. So, before you venture on your next international adventure, be sure to double-check your passport and travel confidently. Safe travels!

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