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If you’re looking to apply for a new passport with as much ease as possible, then get online, search passport photo near me and choose Passport photo code UK.

Download the best passport photo app on the Apple app store and apply for your new passport without having to leave the house. It’s also available on Android and there is even the option to obtain physical prints if you’d like them. With no need to leave the house, you’ll always have passport photo near me as they’ll be sent in the post, straight to your front door.

Apply online

Start by searching for passport photos near me and downloading the Passport Photo Code UK app. It’s as simple as uploading your photo and paying the fee. You’ll be sent a unique code within 24 hours and this can be used to apply for your new passport, online. Easy.

Photo guidelines

Whilst there is no longer the need for a photobooth, you must pay special attention to the specific photo regulations when taking your image. So instead of looking for passport photos near me to find your closest photobooth, you can just upload your own image.

However, it must still be compliant with HMPO guidelines, but this should be very easy to do.

You will be asked to provide a good quality and clear, colour photograph of yourself for the application.

Your eyes must be open, and you should make sure to look directly at the camera with a neutral expression on your face whilst taking your photograph. Selfies cannot be accepted so it would be helpful to have someone else around to take the photo for you if possible.

Your features must be unobstructed; so that means no sunglasses, hats, headphones, or anything similar – the only exception here is medial or religious headwear.

Just as important as the subject of the image, the background must also be compliant with the guidelines. This means your background ought to be plain, simple, and white. The easiest way to achieve this at home is to take your photo standing in front of a wall.

The Passport photo code app

Once you are happy with your image, it should then be uploaded to your new passport photo code app.

Follow the process, pay the £4.99 fee and you will receive a unique code within the next 24 hours. The code will allow you to directly connect the photograph you took to your new online passport application. Then, it is as simple as putting it into the correct box when applying for your new passport online. Continue to fill in the rest of your application as usual.

Submit your form and you will have completed the whole process without having to leave the house!

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