Acceptable Passport Photos UK

You can use the new mobile application to create Acceptable Passport Photos for the UK. Take your own passport photo on your mobile device and get constant consistent checks of your passport photo. Your passport photo will be prepared in a few minutes. When your passport photo is great, you can print it at Walgreens. You can easily download the apps for Android or iOS to get a Passport Photo Creator.

You can get 100% government-approved and Acceptable Passport Photos. The apps are available for free download so you don’t have to go to the studio. Acceptable Passport Photos can also be delivered free of charge, within 3-5 working days. A Special delivery option is also available for £7.50 (Orders must be placed before 12 pm).

Acceptable Passport Photos Requirements:

  1. Neutral facial expression to take Acceptable Passport Photos
  2. Use normal clothing for the passport photo and no uniforms.
  3. Try to use the background color as white or off-white in color.
  4. Don’t wear a hat or anything which is covering your head.
  5. Never use sunglasses, headphones, or similar items to take a Digital Passport Photo Copy.

Get A Digital Passport Pictures Online

  1. You need a digital photo via the digital passport photo app to apply for a passport online.
  2. Get a new Digital Photo when you get a new passport or update it.
  3. The photo must have been taken in this or the last month.
  4. If your photos don’t meet the passport photo code requirements and the rules your application will be delayed.

How to get a Digital Photo Copy for Acceptable Passport Photos

When you apply for a digital passport code online with a digital passport photo app, you need this:

  • Take a passport photo with a Passport Photo App – you will need someones to help you and a device that that compatible with our iOS and Android app versions to take digital photos for passport online.
  • Before you apply use a photo booth and get a code to add the photo to your application.

Download our apps to get a digital code to apply for an online passport

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