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What is acceptable For Baby's Passport Photos?

Here is a quick guideline for A Baby’s Passport Photos: Traveling to different countries with the whole family is like a dream come true and true adventure for many of us. A passport is a very important document that will be required when traveling to different countries. Having a passport is a must not only for adults and kids for infants.

It serves as an identity proof legal document that states that you have entered the country legally. Every person entering another country regardless of age, gender requires a passport. It is very important to see that all the details and the documents required show the passport are accurate.

One of the major attributes of a passport is a recent photo. Which is easy for adults to take, you can go to a photo studio to get it done but taking photos of a baby for a passport can be a tricky task.

Taking a baby's passport photo is difficult as the subject does not listen, cannot understand, has no control over his head movements or facial expressions, can cry or sleep without any control. Therefore, some of the rules are slightly relaxed, and some leniency is provided.

Mandatory Guidelines to Follow for Baby Passport Photo UK?

  • There should not be any hands in the baby Passport photo or a person holding the child baby should be alone in the photo. Only the child should be visible. Arms should not be near the head of the baby. The head and the ears of the baby should be visible.
  • In infants' case, it is acceptable if the newborn's eyes are open or closed other than infants every other child should have their eyes open and should be looking towards the camera.
  • The background should be white or light colors cream, light blue.
  • The photo should be taken with proper lighting, and there should not be any shadows in the background.
  • Avoid putting objects in the background like toys, your hand, blanket, etc., and accessories on the baby's face like a hat or headband. Any head covering is not allowed unless it is for a medical or religious purpose.
  • The photo should be clear with perfect focus so that the baby's face is visible. The photo should not have 'red eye'.

Size of Babies Passport Photos

The size of the Babies Passport Photos should be 45x35mm. For digital photos, it should be 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall. The pictures should be at least 50 KB and not more than 10 MB.

Quality of The Passport Photo:

  • The photo of your baby should be unaltered by computer software.
  • The photo should not be out of focus in the face should be crystal clear.
  • The photo must be printed in high quality, using white photographic paper with no borders.
  • There should be some space above the baby's head in the photo. If the photo is taken against an off-white or cream background, remember to remove the background's crease.

Parents can support their baby's head with their hand, but the hand should not be visible. If the photo is not coming correctly while holding the baby, you can take their photo while lying on their backs.

The baby should not be holding any toys in their mouth or hands. They should not have any shadows on the face or behind in the background. The photo should be in clear contrast to the background. The passport photo regulations are the same as adults for children above six years old except that their head size can be 29mm and 34 mm.

Passport Application Mode: Online or Paper

If your passport application is on paper, you will need hard copies of your baby's photo. Two identical photos are required, and photos measurement should be 45mm high by 35mm wide (standard size set by the UK government). The photo should not be cut out of a larger picture.

The photo should be a mark on both sides (unless it needs to be countersigned). It should be printed professionally. The photo must be printed in high quality, using white photographic paper with no borders. Do not stick the photos to the application form permanently deliver them loosely.

How to take a Good Photo?

To take a perfect photo of your baby for the passport, you can place your baby on the floor with the white sheet underneath him and ask someone from the family to hold his hand while you take the photo. Something else can be used to engage the baby to look towards the camera. It can take time to get the correct photo.

Another method you can try placing your camera 1.5 meters away from the baby. This will allow you to crop out the image more efficiently to fall under the government passport photos guidelines. Try taking photos in a bright room near the window and not using the flash of the camera or the mobile device(iPhone /Android).

This will help you to avoid Shadows in the background or on the baby’s face. If the baby needs to put it, you can put it through the baby's shirt and hold his head from behind but make sure your hand is not visible in the photo. Try holding the head with three fingers.

Try taking the photo when the baby is relaxed not in a grumpy mood. Try getting the baby from behind the camera so that he is looking in the right direction for the picture when looking at the toy. Facing the camera at a perfect angle for the baby is not mandatory. Try taking as many photos as possible and choose the correct one.

Take your baby’s picture while keeping all the guidelines and regulations in check. You can always check if the photo is up to the standard by uploading it online while filling the online application. The passport photo checker will automatically tell you after scanning the image if it meets the criteria or not.

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