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Passport photo app uk

Passport photo codes UK is a passport photo app that allows you to take your photos and digitally apply for a new passport from the comfort of your own home. We’ll even mail out physical copies straight to your front door if you wish!

Passport photo app iphone

It comes highly recommended as the number one passport photo app on the app store.

Passport photo app android

Fear not, if you use an android phone, our app is also freely available to you on the google store.

No need to leave the house

Let us help you to speed up the process of applying for a new passport! Forget all the hassle of finding an approved photo booth and paying through the nose for a set of basic photos and instead download our passport photo app free.

Simply get online and apply for your new passport from wherever you like, be it your bed or the kitchen table. Our app will provide you with a code which goes straight into your passport application ready to be sent off to HMPO. It’s as easy as that.

Take your own photos

Start by using the camera on your smartphone to take a photo of yourself. You must adhere to the usual rules for these sorts of photos when taking them at home and they should be of a high quality. This includes making sure that you face forward and look directly into the camera lens with your mouth closed and a neutral expression on your face. Your eyes should be open and unobscured, and you may only wear a head covering for medical or religious purposes.

Selfies will not be accepted so you may like to ask someone else to take the photo for you or set your phone up somewhere secure and use the self-timer option. Please also, do not upload a photo with red eyes or any intense shadows over the face.

The Passport photo codes app

Once you are happy with your image, download our passport photo app free and upload your image directly via the app. Pay the £4.99 fee and assuming your photo fits with the HMPO regulations as described above, you will have a unique code within 24 hours! (usually sooner)

Apply for your passport online

Instead of sending off your physical image as you would have done in the past, this code then goes straight into your online passport application whilst you continue to fill the rest of it in as normal.

If you would still like physical prints, just let us know and we will have them printed and sent directly to you within a few days, or via next day delivery if you prefer.

The app can also be used for visas and other identification documents

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